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Treatment Options


  • Individualized techniques used to meet your comfort level: no force, low force, traditional chiropractic

  • Plans of care (only if needed or requested)

  • Specialized care for children and pregnant women

  • Private adjustment rooms

  • All major insurance plans are accepted and billed for you

  • Massage Therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Cold laser therapy

  • Kinesio taping

  • Foot Levelers® custom-fit orthotics

  • Spinal decompression

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Standard Process® whole food vitamins and supplements

Did You Know...
Not only does your car insurance, or the liable party's car insurance, pay for your car to be restored to its original condition, it may also cover the costs associated with seeking health care in our office.

...AND Spinal damage can show up as chronic headaches, neck pain, backaches, and low back pain. These injuries can show up now, in a week, or in the future. It is a good idea to get treated immediately, so you don't hurt now or in the future when you can't file under auto insurance. We can be of help during this trying time. We offer Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy to bring you and your body back to health.

Contact us today for more information: 704-664-1031

Accident? Chiropractic can help


At Regional Chiropractic Center we have a digital foot scanner to help accurately show what your feet and arches look like in a weight bearing position. 

When foot imbalance is present, there is a negative impact on the knees, hips, pelvis, and spine. Some patients must have these abnormal forces reduced before they can achieve improved spinal function.

We use the company Foot Levelers, Inc because they have been a leading supplier for over 50 years and create custom-made, flexible Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers to match each patient’s unique needs. Unlike other stabilizing technologies which use rigid materials to force the feet into a theoretical ideal position and may result in muscle atrophy and abnormal nerve proprioception, Foot Levelers’ Stabilizers allow controlled, supported movement for the dynamic human body.

Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers provide exclusive 3-arch support by providing a balanced, symmetrical foundation. This enhances the effectiveness of adjustments and can improve quality of life.

View research at

Foot Scan
shoe inserts

Kinesio Taping Method
The Kinesio Taping Method is based on the simple principle that the body has built-in healing mechanisms, and health care practitioners can help positively influence their efficiency by removing barriers that impede them. Kinesio tape is applied to the athlete or patient based upon their needs after evaluation. The taping over and around muscles assists and gives support or prevents over-contraction. Applying stretch to the tape or to the target area, in order to create space under the skin, creates the desired effect on the musculature. It also affects change in deeper layers of fascia by manipulating the skin and muscle, and creates space underneath the skin to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. This also results in pain relief by targeting the pain and the source of pain. 
For a more detailed explanation of the Kinesio Taping Method by Darren Hancock, DC, CKTI, [CLICK HERE]

Kinesio Taping Method

Cold Laser Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy, LLLT)
Laser therapy is a remarkable technology that provides pain relief and accelerated healing at the cellular level. In just a few quick treatments, patients experience dramatic relief from chronic pain conditions and accelerated healing of soft tissue injuries. Laser therapy has shown to be beneficial for arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, back pain, carpal tunnel and soft tissue injuries to name just a few.

Cold Laser Therapy

Spinal Decompression
Decompression is therapeutic elongation or mechanical traction of the spine in a slow, gentle manner in order to relieve pressure on compressed vertebrae and discs. It allows us to treat herniated discs, bulging discs and degenerative disc disease as well as symptoms of facet syndrome and sciatic. Patients experience relief without the risk, pain, expense and long recovery periods associated with surgery.

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