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Massage Therapy

Regional Chiropractic Center offers massage therapy in Mooresville, NC. All of our massage therapists are certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and are Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists in the state of North Carolina (LMBT). The massage therapist’s specialties range from deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial release, trigger points, reflexology, pregnancy massage, and soft tissue injury rehab (personal injury, auto accidents). Our therapists also actively help patients with stretching and core strengthening.

Incorporating this kind of therapy with Chiropractic adjustments allows patients to see outcomes faster and hold their adjustments better. The body is a dynamic structure surrounding the spine and should be treated as such in any care plan.

Our office also allows people to come in and get relaxation massages at very affordable rates. Visit our office today in Mooresville and ask about our Massage Therapy Packages.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy at Regional Chiropractic Center in Mooresville is a technique that involves the use of hot and/or cold stones applied to specific points on the body, and is thought by some to be good for releasing muscle knots, relaxing the body, improving circulation, and leaving you de-stressed and refreshed. 

An authentic full-session of Stone Massage or Stone Therapy typically has stones placed along the spine, along the chakra centers, on the extremities, as well as on the face, the feet, and the hands. The stones are used as tools to deliver effective tissue and muscle massage at a pressure level and temperature comfortable to the client. A good stone massage, when properly performed, will accomplish many of the goals and benefits of other massage modalities.


• Relaxation of Muscles
• Stress Reduction
• Release of Toxins
• Pain Reduction
• Improvement of Circulation
• Calmness of the Mind
• Reduction in Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression
• Reduction of Insomnia

Add Hot Stone Therapy to Any Massage Therapy Package for Only $10


MediCupping at Regional Chiropractic Center in Mooresville.

MediCupping therapy is used for pre- and post-surgery conditions, chiropractic and orthopedic work, conditions associated with Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, and much more. Results are fast and comfortable for our clients.

One of the most amazing aspects of this technique is the “separation” that the vacuum produces in tissue layers. This enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue as well as the elimination of old waste and congestion.

Along with the substantial health benefits of clearing old debris, the use of suction is invaluable in releasing soft tissue, scars and restricted fascia. Sports professionals are benefitting from the ease of recovery from injury or surgery and an increase in athletic performance, and major league sports teams are utilizing the therapy.

Massage for Pregnant Women

Prenatal massage is very similar to a regular Swedish/Deep Tissue massage, but it focuses on the special needs that arise during pregnancy as well as relieving the pains that are associated with pregnancy (backaches, swelling, bloating and leg cramps).


  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety Associated with Pregnancy

  • Alleviates Some of the Physical Pains Associated with Pregnancy

Massage Therapy in Mooresville
Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Mooresville
Medicupping in Mooresville
Prenatal and Pregnancy Massage in Mooresville
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